Customer Attraction Marketing Consultants

The Rules of Customer Attraction

  Your 10-Step Customer Attraction Plan Customers are the bread and butter of any business. These 10 easy steps will grow your business and attract customers today! Be Visible Customers aren’t going to be attracted to you if they can’t see you. Once you’ve identified your target market,[…]

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What I Learned About Marketing From My Wife’s Hair Stylist

You might ask why a business to business industrial marketing blog is talking about hair. Why is this relevant? Good question. It is unbelievably relevant. It is about the customer experience and creating a force more powerful than a national advertising campaign. My wife, indeed my family, has[…]

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Web Marketing: Are You Watching Your Website Or Letting it Rust?

Drivers love their cars. Whether they’re weekend garage dwellers who can’t wait to get their hands on a wrench or road warriors who actually enjoy their commute, car owners know that without proper, ongoing maintenance, their vehicle will either fall apart or cost more than they want to[…]

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When Was The Last Time You Had a Great Customer Experience?

As business owners, I don’t think we spend enough time putting ourselves in the shoes of our prospective customers. We don’t think enough about how to create the best possible experience for our customers. We ask what a customer expects when they walk in the door. We try[…]

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